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In this project we will organize transportation of oil and oil products by sea rail modes of transport from Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan. As well as delivery of petroleum products in the countries of Central Asia. We have vast experience of transportation and customs clearance of specialized products (additives to lubricants, drilling fluids, lubricants, and others.) We also help customers with the selection of products and their production. We have an available partner with specialized chemical laboratories for the analysis and development of new products.

For today's economic agents have a tendency to increase international cooperation, the emergence of new forms and methods . One common form of international cooperation is tolling, which becomes relevant and attractive in Russia.

As part of the products we offer our clients assistance accompanied by such deals in Russia and Central Asia:

  • Storage of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Services of processing goods in temporary import for large producers as well;
  • Processing on commission mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical raw materials;
  • Manufacturing on commission of light industry products, primarily products of clothing production;
  • Processing and production on commission of excisable products;
  • tolling agreements of agricultural raw materials and food products.
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A small distance from Moscow (450km) and stay in the area of industry in central Russia are attractive factors for the use of the container terminal and the temporary storage warehouse (TSW) , which is operated by our company . The terminal is located in the territory of OJSC " Novolipetsk Steel ".

The logistics center: a container terminal and bonded warehouse, has a total capacity of 400 TEUs. The terminal has a convenient location and access tracks. Nearest train. Station: 59220, " Novolipetsk " Southeastern railway / Dep. Belgorod . The terminal is located at the address: 398040, Lipetsk, pl. Metallurgov 2. Railway station works with both carload and container shipments, including a paragraphs 8, 10, 11H, 12H.

Terminal Services:

  • Processing of containers, wagons (loading / unloading of loaded and empty large containers, loading / unloading wagons)
  • Unloading / loading of heavy and oversized cargo
  • Unloading / loading of goods from road
  • Acceptance and shipment of hazardous goods.
  • Storage containers
  • Provision of warehouse space for storage
  • Organization of cargo delivery by region and to Moscow, various types of road transport.

Services TSW:

  • Reception and storage of cargoes on SVH
  • The carrying out of customs in the zone of Lipetsk Customs
  • Return of goods after customs clearance to the regions.
  • Provision of brokerage contract.
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Delivery of goods to the Far North

The development of oil, gas and energy industry in the regions of the Russian Far North gave rise to a sharp increase in traffic in this area.

The key purpose of this service is the transportation of project cargoes, we work out and organize delivery of such cargoes to such locations as Sabetta, Novy Urengoy, Surgut, Salekhard and others.

Also we carry out deliveries to the North in the Irkutsk Region, Magadan, Yakutia.

Delivery of cargoes is possible by sea, river, rail, road and air modes of transport.

Development of trade relations with the countries of Southeast Asia, particularly with China and North Korea makes customers look for options of cargo delivery to the shortest term and significant savings on logistics.

One of these products is to provide complete logistics services at the border crossing Zabaikalsk- Manchuria. The presence here of their own office allows us to respond quickly to customer requirements and solve problems of various kinds.

We will arrange the delivery of goods by road, rail and air modes of transportation.

We offer our customers

  • Full holding foreign trade contracts turnkey
  • Full implementation of financial transactions through banks of China and North Korea
  • Provision for reloading warm and cold stores in Manchuria and Zabaikalsk,
  • Providing of open platforms for cargo operations with oversized loads
  • Implementation of the customs clearance of goods on their own (the presence of a customs broker license in the zone of the Chita route)
  • Implementation of transport operations bonded transit (provision of transport in the area of activity of the Chita customs presence litsenziivnutrirossiyskigo customs carrier)
  • Provision of survey services in the territory of the Russian Federation and China
  • Conducting inspections at the checkpoint and ZHDPP
  • Carrying shipments of heavy and oversized cargo by rail and road
  • Operation for the transportation of cargoes without giving FCD (to 50ti tons per day) through its own warehouses
  • Buy goods TAOBAO, ALIEXPRESS and delivery to recipients
  • Delivery of the goods on demand for internet shopping
  • Leasing of specialized substation in China, North Korea, Mongolia
  • Implementation of hidden export and import in the DPRK territorrii
  • Search and provision of direct suppliers, followed by conducting counter.

Our company organizes delivery from China and China Shipping Container Express container trains (UKP). Shipping containers can be from any region of China (Russia), followed by formulation of a container train. Forming trains coming from the main regions of China (Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian) and followed in Russia and Europe. Having multiple routing allows the customer to choose the route depending on the prices and terms of delivery. Currently, the train pass through the border crossing Zabaikalsk / Manzhouli, Mongolia (Naushki-Erlian), Kazakhstan (Urumqi), and Uzbekistan.

Delivery of goods in Europe is carried out with the subsequent registration, (the provision of supporting documents), repacking and return of containers to Russia with another name.

Date of delivery:

South China Moscow - 30 days

North China to Moscow - 15 days

The central regions of China, Moscow - 20 days

China - European countries (Germany, Belgium, Poland, France, Holland ) - 14-20 days .

Due to extensive development of the economies of Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as well as the expansion of trade between Russia and Afghanistan, Mongolia, North Korea and Iran we offer a range of services for the development of logistics projects and the subsequent management of transport process in these countries.

Delivery of goods is effected after studying and calculation of all possible transportation routes at the request of customers, using different modes of transport.

As part of this product we offer services of delivery of fruits and vegetables from the countries of Southeast Asia.

Transportation of fruit and vegetables is carried out by sea in containers through the ports of Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg.

Also, our key service is arrangement of delivery of goods by rail and road through Kazakhstan and border crossing in Manzhouli / Zabaikalsk.

The delivery is carried out using refrigerated rolling stock with temperature adjustment availability.

Estimated delivery time from China to Moscow is 2 weeks, from China to Novosibirsk - 1 week.

This service includes:

  • Providing rolling stock for transportation (containers, vehicles, cars in China and Russia);
  • Provision of storage services for cargo receipt, handling and storage;
  • Effecting of survey inspection that includes a control for loading of goods in China, stowage, counting, compliance with the packing documents, verification of markings;
  • A complete customs clearance;
  • Search and provision of direct suppliers, followed by maintenance of contracts (this service is available upon customer request).
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Projects to import Russian producers

Import substitution in Russia - this is the main economic priority of Russia in the coming years for the development and economic recovery. Until recently, the import substitution spontaneously and more or less successfully carried out in various sectors of the economy. But since 2014 the Russian government made steps in this area have become the target of sectors of the economy, namely, the defense industry, agriculture, textiles, medicine, pharmacy and others.

Our company offers direct delivery of equipment for the agricultural sector of large state-owned developer and manufacturer of products,


  • Greenhouse complexes complete cycle (Green House)
  • Farm animals (cowshed piggeries, sheepfolds)
  • Tractors, seeders, cultivators, equipment for waste processing.

We work under the investment projects on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. We also offer a comprehensive supply of equipment for the agro-industrial complexes in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia.

Without middlemen, we provide full foreign trade contracts, training equipment, execution of the order, shipping, customs clearance, installation and subsequent warranty and post warranty tinning.

Our company offers a service for cargo delivery from China to Russia and to the countries of Europe and CIS.

Delivery is carried out from and to virtually any region of China, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.

We are glad to receive requests from any legal or natural person that purchases goods from China for personal use or resale.

The commodity nomenclature that is accepted for carriage is vast, except for goods that are prohibited for carriage and importation into the consignees' states.

The main items are consumer goods (clothing, footwear), electronics, toys, machinery, chemicals, etc.

As part of this service, we carry out:

  • Cargo receipt, survey;
  • Cargo measuring, weighing, packing, storage, palletizing;
  • Selection of a route for transportation;
  • Delivering to our warehouses at the border utilizing different modes of transport (air rail, sea, road)
  • Carrying out of customs clearance with/without provision of customs declaration;
  • Delivering goods to the consignee after customs clearance using different types of transport.

Terms and cost of transportation is calculated individually according to customer's request, depending on the type of cargo, cost and terms of delivery.

Estimated delivery time of goods from China to Moscow and Almaty ranges from 3 days and to Minsk from 5 days.

The estimated cost of the delivery is from 2 USD per kg.

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