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Express delivery of cargoes from China, to China

Our company offers a service for cargo delivery from China to Russia and to the countries of Europe and CIS.

Delivery is carried out from and to virtually any region of China, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.

We are glad to receive requests from any legal or natural person that purchases goods from China for personal use or resale.

The commodity nomenclature that is accepted for carriage is vast, except for goods that are prohibited for carriage and importation into the consignees' states.

The main items are consumer goods (clothing, footwear), electronics, toys, machinery, chemicals, etc.

As part of this service, we carry out:

  • Cargo receipt, survey;
  • Cargo measuring, weighing, packing, storage, palletizing;
  • Selection of a route for transportation;
  • Delivering to our warehouses at the border utilizing different modes of transport (air rail, sea, road)
  • Carrying out of customs clearance with/without provision of customs declaration;
  • Delivering goods to the consignee after customs clearance using different types of transport.

Terms and cost of transportation is calculated individually according to customer's request, depending on the type of cargo, cost and terms of delivery.

Estimated delivery time of goods from China to Moscow and Almaty ranges from 3 days and to Minsk from 5 days.

The estimated cost of the delivery is from 2 USD per kg.