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Projects to import Russian producers

Import substitution in Russia - this is the main economic priority of Russia in the coming years for the development and economic recovery. Until recently, the import substitution spontaneously and more or less successfully carried out in various sectors of the economy. But since 2014 the Russian government made steps in this area have become the target of sectors of the economy, namely, the defense industry, agriculture, textiles, medicine, pharmacy and others.

Our company offers direct delivery of equipment for the agricultural sector of large state-owned developer and manufacturer of products,


  • Greenhouse complexes complete cycle (Green House)
  • Farm animals (cowshed piggeries, sheepfolds)
  • Tractors, seeders, cultivators, equipment for waste processing.

We work under the investment projects on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. We also offer a comprehensive supply of equipment for the agro-industrial complexes in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asia.

Without middlemen, we provide full foreign trade contracts, training equipment, execution of the order, shipping, customs clearance, installation and subsequent warranty and post warranty tinning.