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Delivery of vegetables, fruit, meat from China, Thailand, Vietnam

As part of this product we offer services of delivery of fruits and vegetables from the countries of Southeast Asia.

Transportation of fruit and vegetables is carried out by sea in containers through the ports of Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg.

Also, our key service is arrangement of delivery of goods by rail and road through Kazakhstan and border crossing in Manzhouli / Zabaikalsk.

The delivery is carried out using refrigerated rolling stock with temperature adjustment availability.

Estimated delivery time from China to Moscow is 2 weeks, from China to Novosibirsk - 1 week.

This service includes:

  • Providing rolling stock for transportation (containers, vehicles, cars in China and Russia);
  • Provision of storage services for cargo receipt, handling and storage;
  • Effecting of survey inspection that includes a control for loading of goods in China, stowage, counting, compliance with the packing documents, verification of markings;
  • A complete customs clearance;
  • Search and provision of direct suppliers, followed by maintenance of contracts (this service is available upon customer request).