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Cargo delivery from China accelerated container trains (ACT)

Our company organizes delivery from China and China Shipping Container Express container trains (UKP). Shipping containers can be from any region of China (Russia), followed by formulation of a container train. Forming trains coming from the main regions of China (Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian) and followed in Russia and Europe. Having multiple routing allows the customer to choose the route depending on the prices and terms of delivery. Currently, the train pass through the border crossing Zabaikalsk / Manzhouli, Mongolia (Naushki-Erlian), Kazakhstan (Urumqi), and Uzbekistan.

Delivery of goods in Europe is carried out with the subsequent registration, (the provision of supporting documents), repacking and return of containers to Russia with another name.

Date of delivery:

South China Moscow - 30 days

North China to Moscow - 15 days

The central regions of China, Moscow - 20 days

China - European countries (Germany, Belgium, Poland, France, Holland ) - 14-20 days .